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During 2018 and 2019 a few of our network members tried to persuade the Amsterdam Food Centre to give space for us inside so we can save the huge quantities of surplus being wasted there on a daily basis. After that failed, for reasons we will not go into here, we came up with the idea to have a space as close as possible, in order for us to achieve the same goal, creating the first food-waste-free-wholesale-market in the world. Our research revealed Bos en Lommerplein as one of the options, and we've crafted a plan for a transformation of the market, and how it could serve as the location to save the food from the food centre, as well as of the Bos en Lommerplein market itself.

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How to create awareness to the issue of food waste? How to show people that food has too much value to be thrown away so easily? How to do it globally? So many organisations try to raise awareness, to help people understand the importance. We were scratching our heads for a few years, and eventually decided that through games, people might understand better, especially if some of the game mechanics focus on the value of food and why it should be saved. With the help of our Experience Design partners, Logic Locks, we invited the crowd to participate in the creation of a food waste game. The result, Zero Waste Chef !!! It is a card game, in which each player plays a food surplus organisation trying to save food from being wasted. Every round gives each of them more ingredients, and meals need to be created in order to save the food. At the end of the round, the ingredients which didn't end up in a meal, deduct points from the the ones given for creating meals. This way players actually lose if they waste, and win if they save. The mechanics of the game support the aim of the project, Voila !!!

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