Zero Waste Market

Look, comfort, usage

Current situation

  • Can Boloplein be the first ever Zero Waste Market? We think it’s possible, and are willing to put all our network and power towards this goal.

  • Noon food items separated on site and go to a relevant waste organisation.

  • Food Sorting Station in the corner of the market, at the moment in the biggest empty lot.

  • Surplus  and food innovation kitchen/centre, run by the Food Circle and the Network.

  • Circular Stall - selling the products made of the surplus.

  • Worm compost facility, providing compost for the trees/gardens around the square.

  • Sustainability education - Bolo schools learn about circular economy & sustainability.

  • Add a metal & glass structure, between the light poles on the square

  • Add trees in pots on the square, adding green to the surrounding

  • Add hanging green pots inside the middle structure

  • Add a roof garden on top of the structure

  • Inside the structure a smaller structure in the middle, above the height of the market stalls, for community activities. Another possibility is to put this on the roof in the middle of the roof garden.

  • Community events for the neighborhood in the evenings, when market is closed

  • Evening markets for social initiatives, young entrepreneurs

  • 6 shops are closed

  • Not many people visit the market

  • Market might decrease in one day per week

  • There is no green, square is unattractive

  • A lot of dirty areas after the market, a lot of food surplus on the floor and goes with the sellers to off-site bins

  • A lot of vans, trucks, cars park on market days, making it even more unattractive

  • Entrances to the market are not attractive

  • No activities for the neighborhood around

  • No sense of community, just another public space

  • In the evenings the square is dead, while it could be used for activities if covered


This is our

proposal for Boloplein

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Markt Bos - en Lommerplein

Markt Bos- en Lommerplein

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Bos en Lommerplein, 1055 AB Amsterdam